How to Become A Member

Any person may offer himself/herself as a candidate for Membership in the Church.  All such candidates for Membership shall be presented to the Membership during regular church service for membership in any of the following ways: 

  • BY BAPTISM. By profession of faith and for baptism according to the policies of the Church.  Such candidate will receive the sacrament of baptism by full emersion on a third Sunday in the month immediately following morning worship service or as determined by the Pastor.  The sacrament of baptism can be administered by the Pastor, an Ordained Baptist Minister, or an Ordained Baptist Minister appointed by the Pastor in his absence. 
  • BY LETTER. A letter of recommendation from another Baptist church indicating that the candidate was a member in good standing of said church and has accepted the Baptist persuasion. 
  • BY CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE. By restoration upon a statement of prior conversion experience and baptism in a church by full emersion as administered by an Ordained Minister. 

  •  WATCHCARE. Any person accepted as a Watchcare Member will be governed by the Bylaws of the Church. Watchcare Members are not allowed to vote at meetings of the Membership.  Watchcare Members, after one (1) year, are expected to become Voting Members of the Church and, at that time, will receive the Right Hand of Fellowship. 
  •       Send an email to
  •       Send an email to
  •       Call the church at 703 670-3331 and leave a voice message