• 2021 Pledge details

    Submit pledge sheets for each member desiring to participate in the pledge.  Example: husband and wife names vice the name of the entire family.

    Complete pledge sheet with the amount you are pledging.  Donations for the pledges will begin January 2021.

    Pledges for the building fund must be submitted separately and not combined with tithes and offering donations.  Pledges cannot be accepted online due to fees associated.

    Submit all monies designated for pledges in the building fund envelopes with the red heart.

    If there is one check or money given for two or more family members in one envelope, designate the amount that should be posted for each member on the envelope.

    Point of contact on this project is Brother Reginald Edge.  If you have any questions on this matter you may contact him at 703-670-3331 or finance@neabscobaptist.org

  • 2021 Pledge Proposal

    We are seeking 200 members to pledge $375 over 12 months for 2020.

    200 Members X $375 = $75,000.00


    12 Months X $31.25 = $375.00

    50 Weeks X $7.50 = $375.00

    Pledge Form