Vision Statement

To be leaders and servants by following the example of Jesus as a servant leader. To care for the members and those in the community by proclaiming the Gospel. We strive to lead and engage in a fellowship of worship, supporters of christian education and support the ministries of Neabsco Baptist Church by the giving of our Time, Talents and Finances. We Build on the Foundation of Jesus Christ by modeling a life acceptable to God, the Church, and that is worthy of imitation by others based on growth toward a mature faith in Christ.

Mission Statement

To be servant leaders for the purpose of assisting the pastor in the care of the Neabsco Baptist Church members. 

Description Of Responsibilities

In accordance with the meaning of the work and the practice of the New Testament, Deacons are to be servants of the Church. The task of the Deacon is to serve with the Pastor and staff in performing pastoral ministries such as the following: 

  • Care for the members and others in the community. 
  • Proclaim the Gospel to believers and unbelievers. 
  • Lead the Church to engage in a fellowship and worship. 
  • Foremost supporters of Christian Education.


Points Of Contact

Deacon Dudley Ligon

Deacon Wayne Jackson


Meeting Date / Time: 8-9am

Saturday before the fourth Sunday

Email the Deacons email