Youth Choir

Our Purpose: We believe that we minister to others through our music.  Touring is an important outreach ministry which allows us to share our faith with others.

We believe that we represent our church and the church universal by projecting a very positive image of Christian youth today.

We believe each member of the choir grows spiritually and emotionally through the daily responsibilities of caring, sharing and reaching out to those around us.

We believe that we grow as a group by being together, getting to know each other better, and accepting each person in the group as a unique child of God.

We believe the songs we learn and share makes a difference in our own lives and the lives of those who hear us.

The Neabsco’s Youth Choir offers children opportunities to lead worship through music. Choir members learn a wide variety of music of the church, they grow in faith, and they develop vocal and musical skills to open up a lifetime of joyful music making. Choir youths have the important role of serving the church and the community in outreach events at an early age. The young people at Neabsco Baptist Church connects with one another, with their faith, and with their community.

Rehearsals are planned to engage the youths at developmentally appropriate levels and accommodate many learning styles. The choirs sing throughout the year during Sunday worship services.

Come join us; everyone is welcome!

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