September 3, - November 26, 2023

Week 1: Genesis:

Blessing for All Nations: Genesis 12:1–9

The  Lord  instructs  Abram  to  take  his  family to another country and promises to make him a great name and nation. Abram obeyed the Lord

and went toward the Land of Canaan.


Week 2: Exodus:

Obeying God’s Law: Exodus 20:18–26

Without  obedience  to  the  law,  people  live  in chaos,   hurting   themselves,   others,   and   their environment. God delivered the commandments to  the  Israelites  while  showing  divine  and  holy power that tested them to convince them to obey the laws of the covenant.


Week 3: Leviticus:

Living as God’s Just People: Leviticus 19:9–18, 33–37

This  chapter  begins  with  a  call  to  reflect  on the  nature  of  God:  “You  shall  be  holy,  for  I  the LORD your God am holy” (v. 2, NKJV).

Week 4: Numbers:

People Grumble: Numbers 11:1–6, 10–15

During times of trouble, what happens when we  forget  our  blessings?  When  God  brought the people out of slavery in Egypt and provided for  them  in  the  desert,  Moses  and  the  people complained repeatedly,  loudly,  and  often  about their  hardships.  They  had  forgotten  what  God had done for them. 


Week 5: Deuteronomy:

The Heart of the Law Deuteronomy 10:12–22; 16:18–20

The   principle   underlying justice in this passage  does  not  originate  in  humankind,  but in the nature of God. Loving God involves more than  a  sentimental  response;  it  means  serving God with one’s heart and soul.


Week 6: Joshua:

God Is Victorious: Joshua 6:2–3, 4b, 12–20b

At  God’s  command,  Joshua and the children of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days. On the final day as Israel conquered the city, God

miraculously caused the walls to collapse.


Week 7: Judges - Ruth:

Listen to God’s Judges: Judges 2:11–19

This passage is an introduction to the book of Judges,  which  explains  Israel’s  recurring  cycles of national apostasy.


Week 8: 1-2 Samuel:

God’s Covenant with David: 2 Samuel 7:1–13

This  lesson  is  based  on  the  story  of  David’s desire  to  build  a permanent  structure  for  the Ark  of  God, a house for the  Lord.  Instead, God promises to establish David’s dynasty including a  descendant who would build the temple and establish his kingdom forever.