June 6 - August 29, 2021

Theme: Confident Hope

The study this quarter looks at God's gift of faith as the source of hope. Sessions from the Gospels illuminate hope and faith in teachings and miracles of Jesus. Sessions from the Epistles show how the early church understood God's gift of salvation through faith in Christ as the source of hope.

Unit 1: June 2021

Jesus Teaches about Faith

This Unit has five sessions. They reveal the hope and faith that come through Jesus' teaching and miracles. The sessions from Matthew demonstrate that faith in God is the primary source of hope and confidence. The miracles in Mark and Luke illustrate the power of faith.

Unit 2: July 2021

Faith and Salvation

This unit has four sessions. They explore in Paul's Letter to the Romans his understanding of the hope of salvation through faith. The letter teaches that God's righteousness is revealed in those who live by faith. Paul illustrates faith through the example of Abraham. He unpacks the teaching about being reconciled to God by justification through faith and teaches that salvation is for all.

Unit 3: August 2021

Faith Gives Us Hope

This unit has four sessions. They focus on faith as essential for the hope of external life. Hebrews defines faith in Christ as a basis for hope and tells how faith in Christ gives hope that helps people persevere in all circumstances. 1 John promises that faith conquers the world. 2 Corinthians teaches about hope in God's gift of external life.