June 5, 2022 - August 28, 2022

Theme: Partners in a New Creation

Members of Christ's body have the grand opportunity to be a co-laborers with the ever-abiding Spirit of God in reconciling, re-creating, and rightly restoring all things in the eternal reign of God. This summer quarter considers ways in which delivers are partners with God in creation.

Unit 1: June 2022

God Delivers and Restores

This unit has four lessons. Using three chapters of Isaiah, this study explores God's predictions of the future destruction of Babylon and deliverance for Israel. These events were evidence of God's power at work to grant mercy and redemption to the penitent and to restore God's people to a state of peace and prosperity.

Unit 2: July 2022

The Word: The Agent of Creation

This unit has five lessons taken from John's Gospel. The lessons stress how the Creating Word, at work in and with humanity, became flesh, healed the sick, saved the lost, resurrected the dead and granted-through the Holy Spirit-Peace.

Unit 3: August 2022

The Great Hop of the Saints

In this unit, a four-lesson study draws from Revelation to help learners envision the new home and city God has prepared for the redeemed. In this new heavenly environment. The saints will enjoy the new water of eternal life.