June 4, 2023 - August 27, 2023

Theme: God's People Worship

This quarter has three units with a theological emphasis on worship. How does Christian worship today mirror both the pious and impious

practices of the ancient world? What can we learn from God’s   relationship with the worshiping community in Israel that can help us honor and worship God in our communities of faith?

Unit 1: June 2023

The Prophet and Praise

This is a four-lesson study of worship in Jerusalem during the time of Isaiah.

Unit 2: July 2 - July 30, 2023

Worshiping in Jerusalem (Part 1

This is a five-lesson study of Ezra. The lessons give us a perspective on worship in Jerusalem after a remnant of Israel returns home from exile in Babylon.

Lesson 5: July 2nd, Joyful Worship Restored, Ezra 3:1–7

Lesson 6: July 9th, Temple Restored, Ezra 3:8 –13

Lesson 7: July 16th, Dedication of the Temple, Ezra 6:13–22

Lesson 8: July 23rd, Fasting and Praying, Ezra 8:21–23

Lesson 9: July 30th, Gifts for the Temple, Ezra 8:24–30

Unit 3: August 2023

 Worshiping in Jerusalem Again (Part 2)

The four lessons of Unit 3 are from the book of Nehemiah, and they are a continuation of the study begun in Unit 2.

Lesson 10: August 6th, Festival of Booths, Nehemiah 8:13–18

Lesson 11: August 13th, Community of Confession, Nehemiah 9:2, 6–7, 9–10, 30–36

Lesson 12: August 20th, Dedication of the Wall, Nehemiah 12:27–36, 38, 43

Lesson 13: August 27th, Sabbath Reforms, Nehemiah 13:15–22