September 5 - November 28, 2021

Theme: Celebrating God

This quarter focuses on acts of worship and praise that celebrate both God's divine attributes and God's actions on behalf of the whole created order. The lessons of the Fall quarter draw on several examples of biblical people who celebrate God, psalms that give thanks for God's benevolent actions, and visions of praise for God's work in establishing an eternal realm of justice and righteousness.

Unit 1: September 2021

God's People Offer Praise

This unit has four lessons looing at Moses and Miriam's songs of praise for God's mighty acts, at King David dancing before the ark, at "blind" Bartimaeus glorifying God for healing, and at early believers responding to the Pentecost event by entering into a life of praise for God's redemption through Jesus.

Unit 2: October 2021

Called to Praise God

This unit has five lessons that explore psalms calling God's people to celebrate what God has done. The psalms speak of making joyful noise to praise God, of praising God for justice and righteousness, of giving thanks for deliverance, of the joy of worship, and of music as a way to celebrate and praise God.

Unit 3: November 2021

Visions of Praise

This unit has four lessons that share John's visions of celebration for God's ultimate victory in establishing a realm of peace and justice. In Revelation people from every nation praise God and all heaven rejoices. In the passage from Acts, believers praise God that the Good News now includes everyone as Gentiles receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.