Male Choir

Singing as a part of a choir is scientifically proven to have the same positive affects on your wellbeing as yoga. For the most part, we all know that music is therapeutic and helps us cope with the stress of life, but singing in a choir is even more beneficial to our stress levels and our health than we might realize.
Neabsco male choir is one of many choirs within the Church.
  1. Choirs are biblical.
    • It’s easy to miss, but the Book of Psalms is filled with detailed notes to the music director explaining the style, the melody, and the occasion of a particular song.
  2. Choirs encourage excellence in worship.
    • A choir rarely performs “off the cuff.” Rather, the director spends time and resources finding the perfect arrangement of the perfect song. Then, the director spends time rehearsing singers and musicians to perform the song with beauty and precision.
  3. Choirs celebrate the human voice.
    • There is something extraordinary about hearing a group of practiced singers use their God-given instruments to worship their Creator.
  4. Choirs can inspire and lead worship.
    • One of the arguments against using choirs in contemporary worship services is that it relegates congregants to the role of bystanders.
  5. Choirs can be redemptive communities.
    • We live in the age of the superstar worship leader and celebrity pastor. Choirs can be an antidote to this spiritual epidemic. A healthy choir affirms all it’s members—not just the high-profile one.
  6. Choirs make us work together.
    • Similarly, the American archetype is that of uncompromised individualism. We resist being woven into the fabric of a community—especially one where we must constantly subjugate ourselves to a leader and submit our talents to one another.
  7. Choirs can help cure the disease of self-centeredness.
    •  To succeed, we must yield ourselves to one another. We must listen to each other. We must follow the leader’s direction
  8. Choirs can encourage musical diversity.
  • Most “choir folks” are more musically diverse than you’d think. They appreciate lots of different styles of music because—somewhere along the way—they had a choir director who made them sing a hymn.

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