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     Ministry is one of the most rewarding callings in life. While it does have its challenges, the opportunity to reach people and help influence and enhance their lives is certainly highly rewarding.  In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded us to "go and make disciples."This program will afford you the opportunity to do just that.  It will allow you to contribute to the spiritual health of individuals, and open doors for you to invest in the lives of individuals in ways that you would not be able to do otherwise. If you will take the initiative to help others help themselves, God will open doors of opportunity that you would have never dreamed possible and you will have a unique opportunity to have an impact in your church, your community and around the world!

     Studying the Word of God should be a passion for all Christians and this Bible Institute will set its aim at exciting Christians about the Word of God. Students will listen to the audio lectures after selecting the audio lectures they desire. After listening an audio lecture, the student can take a pass/fail exam. A student completing 8 audio lectures and successfully passing each exam is eligible for a Master Teacher Certificate at no cost to the student. A student completing 16 audio lectures and successfully passing each exam is eligible for an associate degree through Trinity College of the Bible Evansville, IN. The cost for the associate degree is $450.00 which is a nominal fee for an associate degree in Biblical Studies.

     Those students competing individual audio lectures and passing the exams will become equipped with knowledge that will help them support their local church and its ministries.