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Mission Statement

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     To provide a biblical platform for biblical studies to train Christians in bible interpretation, explanation, and understanding. Students attending the bible institute will increase their knowledge of the bible’s history, doctrine, and meaning.

     The online audio lectures will cover various biblical topics to enhance student’s ability to witness and evangelize the Word of God. The online audio lectures are accessible via smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, iPad, and iPod. The audio lectures are accessible anywhere in the world when reliable internet connectivity is available.

     Students will register via the Bible Institute website providing a nominal fee for registration. Audio lecture costs are minimal to provide affordable and biblically based studies.

     This Bible Institute Program offers a number of online Bible study courses for those who are interested in pursuing a diploma/certificate (or taking specialized courses) in Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Christian Administration and Leadership, etc.  The program will allow an online distance education school where students do self-directed studies and can advance at their own pace.

     Students can be next door or around the world.  Students will have access to any of the audio lectures they pay for anytime, day or night, and they can listen to these over and over again, including as they are taking the exam at the end of the course (exams are taken only if they are wanting to earn the diploma/certificate for that particular course and are Pass/Fail). There are no required textbooks except for the Bible. Students will find confidence and competence as they complete these courses and they will be better equipped to serve the Lord in their church and communities.