Neabsco Baptist Church

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Vision Statement

The vision of the Usher Ministry is to be the first point of contact that ushers people into the presence of God and extends the love of Christ to all members and guests.

Mission Statement

  • To maintain an atmosphere of reverence and order before, during and following Church services.
  • Maintain a personal relationship with the Lord through obeying His Word, prayer, supplication, study, and service to win souls to Christ.
  • Maintain brotherly love between one another and strive for the advancement of our Church individually by supporting our Church mission.
  • Contribute tithes and offerings regularly as well as the giving of our time and talents.

Usher Qualifications

A person desiring to join the Usher Ministry must be a member in good standing of the Church and be physically able to stand for at least two  hours.

Description Of Responsibilities

  1. Arrive early and prepare the Church for service.
  2. Maintain order in and around the Church.
  3. Distribute fans, Church literature, collection envelopes as needed.
  4. Support the Interdominational Church Usher Association (ICUA)
  5. Participate in Annual Usher Days.
  6. Support the Pastor when visiting other Churches.


We are a team of ordinary individuals working together as

"doorkeepers in the House of God."  ( Ps. 84.10)



Ushers are forerunners, for they prepare the Church for the guests by being the first to arrive at the church; they receive the order of the day from the Pastor; they see that the Church is in proper condition to receive the guests; they see that hymnals, fans, church literature, collection envelopes, and any other items that are to be distributed to the congregation are in their proper places. Church ushers are missionaries for the Church for they perpetuate the spirit throughout the congregation.

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Ushers, or forerunners,  are depicted throughout the Bible. Abraham ushered Faithfulness into the world (Gen. 22). Moses ushered the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt into the promise land. The Star of Bethlehem ushered the wise men of the East to the place where Christ was born. John the Baptist, forerunner for Christ,  prepared the way. He was the voice crying in the wilderness. (John 1:6-13).

Training is a very important part of our organization. To be a good usher, you must be trained. A few teaching techniques include knowing your Church's program, being polite, courteous and alert. The primary factor of our training concept includes the Silent Uniform Method of Ushering.  Members of our organization all learn one silent uniform method of ushering. Every usher who has been trained can usher in the members together in a uniform manner.


  • Brother Kelvin Fuller,  President
  • Brother Charles Elerby,  Vice President


Points Of Contacts:

  • Brother Kelvin Fuller
  • Brother Charles Elerby 


Meeting Date / Time:

The Usher Ministry meets on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00a.m.


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