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Single adults are considered by many to be a great mission field because so many do not attend any church. But what those of us in the local church must not forget -- is that God plans to use single adults in reaching the world. So many of the early church planters in the Bible, that Luke talks about in the Book of Acts, are believed to be single adults.  In recent times, there has been a vision for single’s ministry since the early 1970’s. That vision has not changed over the years. It has always been to reach single adults with the gospel message of Jesus Christ; then to encourage, equip, and empower them to live as growing and maturing Christians. Unfortunately, still today, many churches do not view singles as leaders -- they view singleness as a phase of life to get through while waiting for leadership responsibilities to start once they are married.  So we at NBC want to meet the need of both the "Single & Satisfied" and the "Searching Single" 


A misunderstanding by many churches is the belief that the purpose of a single adult ministry is to provide a place for singles to meet their future mate. Although many single adults do meet and get married - - the goal is NOT to be a match maker; but, rather provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

First, everyone needs to be growing in their relationship with God. Indeed, most single adults will marry at some point in their life -- but, why wait until they marry before we start to incorporate them into the leadership of the church. Corporate America recognizes their value -- for many single adults are teachers, managers, insurance agents, musicians, therapists, nurses and entrepreneurs (and the list could go on). It is also important to remember -- not all single adults will marry; and they should not be made to feel like they are worth less if they remain single. There are great benefits to the church by having a healthy single adult ministry. The benefits are; Church Growth, more leadership from laity and those that do get married should be better equipped for marriage through relationships building skills and pre-marital counseling.