Neabsco Baptist Church

15557 Cardinal Dr. Dale City, VA. 22191





Vision Statement

A ministry where love, prayer, respect, support, and appreciation for the Pastor and First Lady is maintained by its members, is increased throughout the congregation, and becomes a lifestyle felt throughout this Church body.


Mission Statement

To support the Pastor on engagements to other churches; celebrate the Pastor and First Lady’s Anniversary; engage in prayer with the Pastor and Ministerial Staff; provide tokens of love and appreciation to the Pastor, First Lady, and Ministerial Staff; provide care of the pastor’s garments, office and office refreshments as needed; and, to go forth as Armor Bearers with “A mind to Work,” supporting our Pastor and his vision for Neabsco Baptist Church.

It is with prayer and love that we continue as a Ministry, promoting love and support throughout the body of Neabsco Baptist Church for the Pastor, First Lady, their family, and the Ministerial staff. We shall continue to be examples of the relationship that must exist between a Pastor and members of the church body. As we pray for him, support him, and uplift him as he carries out the charge given to him by God our Father, the reconciliation ministry of Jesus our Savior, and aided by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All of this will make Neabsco Baptist Church “The Church With A Heart In The Heart Of The City, Building On The Foundation Of Jesus Christ.”


Description of Responsibilities

The Ministry was established for the express purpose of attending to the special needs of the Pastor in his position as shepherd of the flock. The Ministry is responsible for pastoral vestments, office, and general health articles. The Ministry will further act as a fellowship grouping and as spiritual supporters of the church.


Current Members     


  • Minister Mark Price, Sr.          President
  • Deaconess Mona Johnson      Vice President
  • Sister Dee Gibson                     Secretary
  • Vacant                                         Assistant Secretary
  • Ministry Wendy Grice              Treasurer
  • Deaconess Janice Moore         Chaplain
  • Ministry Reynold Wright         Assistant Chaplain


  • Deaconess Ruby Johnson
  • Brother Joshua Spreights
  • Brother Charles Asiana


  • Minister Mark Price, Sr.          President
  • Deaconess Mona Johnson      Vice President
  • Ministry Wendy Grice              Treasurer




The Pastors Aid Ministry meets the First Monday of every month at 7:30pm.

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