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June 3 - August 28, 2018

Theme: Justice in the New Testament

The study this quarter focuses on justice as presented in the New Testament. Justice is portrayed as a primary characteristic of God's nature. Human beings are called to emulate God's Justice toward one another.

Unit 1: June

God is just and merciful:

This first section includes four lessons that remind us that human interpretations of the Law must not conflict with mercy and justice as acted out in our daily lives. The lessons from Matthew look at conflicts between Jesus and the Pharisees on questions of mercy and justice. The lesson from Luke looks at how God dispenses justice and mercy.

Unit 2: July

Jesus Calls for Justice and Mercy:

This second section contains five Scripture lessons that explore Jesus teachings on God's justice in Matthew and Luke. Included is Jesus demand for leaders to practice justice as well as to understand the universality of God's justice and mercy.

 Unit 3: August 

Paul Teaches About New Life in Christ:

The third section has four lessons that  offer Paul's teachings about just and merciful behaviors. Those who live the new life in Christ are called to imitate God's just and merciful nature through their actions toward others, including their enemies.

Book Used: Direction - Amazon / Barnes and Noble